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About our Company...


For the beginning let us introduce.

The Company "Attraction” was founded in 1998 and now it  is the leader in the field of:

  • designing, creation and operation of amusement parks,
  • preparation and carrying out of mass shows-programs,
  • celebratory and advertising design by an ice sculpture,
  • realization of  BTL projects
  • Event Marketing
  • sale of attractions

                 Our awards:

2003 - the winner of the All-Russia competition "the Crystal wheel" in a of Sochi in a nomination "For the best organization and management of park";

2004 - medal for the contribution to preparation and carrying out of anniversary actions devoted to the 400 anniversary of Tomsk;

2005 - silver sign of non-commercial partnership "League of Parks of Siberia" for the active contribution to development of park branch of Siberia;

2006 - the winner of competition "the Manager of year - 2006" on Tomsk area with the project "the Plan of marketing of parks of rest of Tomsk";

2008 - the letter of thanks of the mayor of Tomsk for the celebration of “Sauerkraut and Russian pie”  in the framework of the XI Innovation forum in Tomsk;

2008 - the letter of thanks of the Governor of Tomsk region for carrying out of the international festival-competition “Festival of Axe”;

2010 - the letter of thanks of the mayor of Tomsk for carrying out of the annual Tomsk carnival


Each area should have its own amusing park. After three years of work on Central city Christmas tree during  winter, we decided,  that we like it here. It turned out that not only we like it. Small inhabitants of neighboring houses were in full delight when in the spring attractions from ice small town have not left anywhere. There are various city festivals and entertainment events of a local character in our park. All summer children pleased with  the rides on attractions and all kind of festive events: contests, quizzes.



Without exaggeration it is possible to tell, that up to the Company "Attraction" of ice small towns and an ice sculpture in Tomsk did not exist. The first ice town "The Crystal attraction" in December, 2004 has made furor in city and its vicinities.

And how!

  • hundred tons of ice;
  • two hundred meters of the ice protection stylized under the Tomsk burg;
  • five hills in height from two seven meters in which design of historical buildings of  Tomsk were guessed;
  • Twelve ice sculptures, on motives of Russian national fairy tales and symbols of year;
  • the highest fur-tree of city;
  • static and dynamic illumination                                                               

                    It is impossible to pass by…



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